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Guest speaker Tim Gray who is leading Biohacking and Health Optimisation community in London.

  • Date: 2019.10.30 06:30 AM
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania (Map)


It took over 7 years for Tim, the UK's top biohacker to research, test and tweak his biohacking life. Now you can discover his top 5 core hacks that you should nail before any others in just 40 minutes. Cut endless hours of research, save tons of money and leap-frog in your health optimisation journey.

3 High Level Bullet Points of Key Learnings/Takeaways:

- How to boost your immune system, energy and mental clarity significantly in a week

- How to get rid of 90% of headaches without pain meds

- How to optimise your sleep (and jet-lag) properly

Area's I'll cover, explain why each is so important, how I learnt about it, and what to do about it...

- Sleep Optimisation

- Hydration Optimisation

- Oral / Dental Optimisation

- Sunlight, Light and Grounding Optimisation

- Oxygen, Air and Breathing Optimisation