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We are a longevity-focused capital introduction and healthcare optimisation consultancy services company. We provide a range of services to individuals, scientists, researchers, start-ups and investors looking to develop products, and to buy-side institutions seeking investment opportunities.

Our team comprises medical doctors, scientists and investment professionals.

Personalised healthcare advice - find the most suitable solution to your condition

We provide bespoke evidence based advice to help clients optimise their health and combat age-related disease, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders and diabetes. We assist in this process as we believe health is an investment not an expense.

For Start-Ups - refining the product, assisting fundraising

We provide operational support to start-ups refining their products with a view to fundraising external capital. We help visionaries turn ideas into companies.

For Investors - due diligence, off market investment opportunities

Preparing due diligence for investors looking for disruptive opportunities. Angel investors, family offices, private banks and institutional investors alike are viewing biotech, the life sciences and healthcare as new frontiers for delivering returns. We present a short-list of suitable investment opportunities to allocators worldwide, matching scientific talent with capital

For Scientists or Researchers - insights into market trends, benchmarking studies

We work closely with scientists and researchers to impart benchmarking studies, white papers and longevity innovation ecosystem reviews to help educate the market. As specialist consultants, we assist consumers by providing insights into market trends, med-tech start-up pricing and health optimisation services.

Marta Kobzevaite, MD


Marta has extensive professional experience in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. With degrees in medicine and international business, she has worked across a range of related industries - including oncology, medical devices, stem cell research, biotechnology and healthcare - with a particular interest in providing operational assistance to start-ups and buy-side institutions.

Ramunas Janavicius, MD, PhD


Medical doctor, board-certified clinical geneticist, holds PhD in cancer immunology. Having extensive research interest in cancer genetics, he is currently focusing in the practical application of anti-aging and longevity research; published more than 45 high impact research articles. Dr. R.Janavicius is Research Evaluation Expert in Research Executive Agency of European Commission. He is also Head of Hereditary Cancer Center at Vilnius University Hospital.

  •  2019.12.11 06:00 PM
  •   Mayfair, London, UK

Join us for drinks as we welcome the Holiday Season. Invitation only.

  •  2019.10.31 01:00 PM

Every year since 2013, Longevity Month campaign is organized in October. This traditional campaign has combined the activities of many organizations and individual activists working to promote research, development and application for healthy longevity around the world. Ellongevity is happy to be a part of the campaign.

  •  2019.10.30 06:30 AM
  •   Vilnius, Lithuania

Guest speaker Tim Gray who is leading Biohacking and Health Optimisation community in London.

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